Academic writing in Humanities – نگارش متنون علمی در علوم انسانی

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capabilities. Sometimes, it is not the writing skill which may lead to this inability, but rather what a writer should know beyond his/her writing skill may account for the failure or even the success. Any type of writing has its certain features. Academic writing, categorized as a type of complicated writing, has its own characteristics, significance, patterns, functions, and problems.EFL learners are in need of knowing these qualities to be able to report their research findings through academic article format.

This book has been written to provide reasonable orientation for the interested social science learners about the academic writing in general. Most experts in writing believe that writing is to be instructed even to native speakers due to its characteristics, and academic writing is not an exception. Having gone through writing academic articles, any reader will acquire some skills and strategies in writing academic articles. Also, there are some samples in which the reader can be involved practically in writing academic articles selected from various international journals.



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