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عنوان و نام پديدآور:امید شیح زاده



If we “go out on a limb,” it must be a “piece of cake” to study a new tongue, right? Surely it can’t be “like pulling teeth” to become fluent in a language. We think that you can “bet your bottom dollar” that you’ll be an expert if you don’t “cut corners.” Wait… what? Learning a language – that is, navigating around the basic terms, tools, and vocabulary, as well as learning to speak with others – can be a pretty straightforward experience if you have the right resources. But what about learning to speak like a native? That’s definitely not a simple task that you can accomplish overnight. Being able to communicate with a fluency that would put you on the same level as the people who have been speaking the language all their lives is a true challenge that many struggle to achieve. More importantly, however, there .are many big obstacles that can keep you from rising up the ranks to the highest level of fluency and vocabulary when learning English.



اولین کسی باشید که دیدگاهی می نویسد “Native-Like”

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